Planning for Long Term Care Expenses

This software program includes two major sections, the Pool of Money Calculator and the LTC Care Cost Calculators.

LTC Pool of Money Calculator

This section is used to determine the pool of money created by various insurance plan designs versus a personal investment program. In other words, it helps you quickly show a client the true value of purchasing insurance, by showing the premium in relationship to the total benefits provided. And, it shows a client how much they’d need to invest personally to equal those insurance benefits at a specific point in time.

Calculators OverviewView detailed “Overview of Calculators”, which explains the foundation of the LTC Pool of Money Calculator and is also available as a client report.
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Care Cost Calculators

The purpose of these projections is to help you and your client quickly review the future cost associated with care events and the importance of this information when making insurance coverage decisions. Knowing the projected cost of care gives clients the option to cover all, none, or part of the projected cost through insurance or other investments. It also puts the projected insurance premium in relationship to the costs at a future time when the client is more likely to need care than they are today.

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